Sherrin Baggott was a 22 year-old student at the Art Institute of Northern Virginia where she studied graphic design. She had plans to intern with companies such as Pixar or Dreamworks. Sherrin was always a caring, peppy, and genuine person who always spoke her mind and stood up for herself. She would do anything for any of her friends or family and dedicated herself to her studies and her job at Bungalow Billiards. Sherrin was a bundle full of energy and always put herself second to others.

Sherrin is the eldest daughter of retired Army officers John and Careen Baggott. I, Kaci Baggott, am her only sibling and only 17 months younger than Sherrin. Our parents raised us in an Army lifestyle which included moving multiple times and living on Army posts. We settled in Ashburn, Virginia in 2004 after our father retired as a colonel. Sherrin attended Stone Bridge High School and graduated in 2008. Sherrin then attended Northern Virginia Community College and graduated with her Associates Degree before attending the Art Institute in Spring 2011.

Sherrin on Easter 2009.

Sherrin on Easter 2009.

Mom, me, Dad, and Sherrin in May 2010.
Mom, me, Dad, and Sherrin in May 2010.


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