Sherrin home in January and nominate my mom!!

I apologize for the delayed update!

Lots of news with Sherrin, some good, some… eh.

After being approached by multiple people to nominate my mother, I decided to encourage others to nominate my mom, Careen, for a contest called, “Unstoppable Moms” on the Live with Kelly and Mike Show. The contest chooses four finalists out of all of the nominations to be sent to NYC where they will be put on the show. From there, people can vote for their favorite mom online and the grand prized winner will receive $100,000, money that can be well used for Sherrin’s care. It’s a title that my mom certainly deserves! Since I am a direct family member, I personally am not eligible to nominate my mom – which is why others should! I have gotten a great turn out so far for people nominating her based on social media (thank you guys so much!) and I want to continue the momentum! Nominations can be accepted until February 7, so there is still time left! My goal is to absolutely flood the judge’s inboxes so that my mom really gets noticed. Here is the information you will need if you want to nominate my wonderful mom for this:

Link to vote:

Picture: Use this one!

Use this picture to nominate my mom for Unstoppable Moms!

Use this picture to nominate my mom for Unstoppable Moms!

Entry: Anything you want! You can talk about how my mom tirelessly works to help Sherrin with therapy running on 2-4 hours a sleep a night on a regular basis; how she spent roughly 4 months sleeping next to Sherrin almost every night at the hospital to watch over her; how she is beyond modest; how she is a retired Army officer that should be enjoying her retirement instead of sacrificing her health to take care of her daughter; the financial burden on top of the emotional draining of taking care of Sherrin; or how she does all of this with a smile on her face!

Name: Careen Baggott
Address: 43128 Belgreen Drive Ashburn, VA 20147
Mobile number: 703-729-3313
Work number: 703-554-7459

My mom’s response to when I told her I think she should be on the show: “I’m no different than any other mom.” She’s so great.

Dad, if there were a show called “Unstoppable Dads,” I’d nominate you with no hesitation! Love you too, Colonel.

Nominate, nominate, NOMINATE!!

On to Sherrin’s health…

Being at home with her has gotten a little easier (not by much). The first few weeks were beyond rough. She wouldn’t sleep through the night most nights due to either aching in her

Sherrin in the wheelchair van on the way to a doctor's appointment

Sherrin in the wheelchair van on the way to a doctor’s appointment

muscles, loneliness, or going to the bathroom, which pretty much that meant someone had to keep their eye on her every single night. Since changing some medication, Sherrin is better able to sleep at night and doesn’t wake up too much, meaning more sleep for us! It’s so hard to be able to watch her at night and then be able to function the next day well enough to get Sherrin out of bed, prepare Sherrin for therapy, feed her, etc.

Her seizures have been becoming more frequent. Well, most of them aren’t really full-on seizures; they’re classified as “spells.” They are very, VERY subtle and don’t last very long. What happens is her body goes completely limp, her eye pupils go pinpointed, and her jaw drops. They happen out of nowhere. I will be sitting in the living room with her, she will be sitting in her wheelchair and I will be on the couch and I will be paying attention to the TV for five minutes. I turn back to her and she’s going through one of the spells. You can normally snap her out of it by either gently slapping her face or yelling at her. But, if I didn’t look back at her during that five minutes, or had gone to the bathroom, anything, she could be having a spell. I’m sure it happens way more than we realize, while we think she’s sleeping or we have

Sherrin and dad passed out on the living room couch - so cute!

Sherrin and dad passed out on the living room couch – so cute!

to step away from her. They aren’t totally dangerous, but we don’t want them!

She’s had one real seizure (that we know of) since she’s been home. These seizures cause her one side of her face to shoot straight up, her body pulsates, and she drools or moans for sometimes up to 10 minutes. Every time she has a real seizure we have to adjust her medication accordingly, which can either cause her to be more sluggish or keep her up all night. I hate you, epilepsy.

Sherrin has been really doing great in physical therapy. We’ve had an awesome therapist that comes in four days a week and has gotten to know Sherrin and our family really well. She’s able to get Sherrin to stand up with assistance. She puts a bed sheet behind Sherrin’s back while she’s in the wheelchair and pulls her up by pulling on the bed sheet around her sides and takes two people to stabilize her while she’s up. We’ve even been getting her to try to walk while she’s standing. We get her in the standing position and lean her to one side so her weight is on one foot, tell her to kick out the opposite leg, lean her body weight onto that leg, and do it again all while we are holding her for support. She’s been able to take about three of these consistent steps so far.

Sherrin continues to beg for her room, though. Since we don’t have a wheelchair lift that leads from the main floor to upstairs, it’s nearly impossible to get her up there. We were able to get her up there one time, with the help of four people. It took my mom, dad, my boyfriend Sam, and myself to lift her, walk her up the stairs, and place her on her old bed (that she hasn’t seen since May 2012!). Even though it was a huge struggle to physically get her up there, it was so worth it! Once we laid her on her bed, she had the BIGGEST smile on her face just full of awe and happiness. It made me feel so good inside. She looked all around her room and stared at the hundreds of band posters on her walls for a good hour. It was, without a doubt, the best day she’s had at home so far.

Since I’m back at school in DC for my last semester (so close to graduation!), I’ve been commuting at least once a week to Ashburn to help my parents take care of Sher. It’s always so good to see her and my family because Sherrin’s face lights up when she sees me but, I mean, this isn’t exactly how I pictured I would spend my last semester of college (or the past year and eight months for that matter). I think social media has a lot to do with it. When people post statuses or pictures about how they’re “living it up” for senior year, I get sad. While a lot of my friends go out a few nights a week, I have to stay grounded and help take care of Sherrin. Obviously, Sherrin is exponentially more important than my social life, but it still just stinks sometimes. I had to grow up really fast and realize what’s important when I was only 20 years old. But, like my parents say to nearly everything, suck it up! That’s military parents for you.

As another reminder, SHERRIN LOVES VISITORS!!!!!!!! Visits from friends put her in SUCH a better mood. We highly encourage friends to come around and stop by, so please do!!

Also, nominate my mom for UNSTOPPABLE MOMS!! You will not regret it J

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