Stupidity and Sherrin’s Update

Some people can be stupid about driving and think it’s funny. I cannot tell you how many conversations I have been in with people who completely know about my sister’s car accident and talk about how funny they thought it was that were under the influence and driving. The conversations go something like, “Yeah, didn’t even realize how drunk I was until I got home, oh well!” or, “I wasn’t going to leave my car at the bar so yeah I drove drunk, my bad!” or, “I was texting when I was on the highway and almost slammed into the car ahead of me.” My heart breaks every single time I hear someone I know say things like this. I do not understand how people (especially people that know the heartbreak, torture, and pain my family has gone through because of Sherrin’s car accident) can say how horrible drivers they were and think its funny? It’s so insensitive. I’m sorry, but if you continue to make mistakes like this knowingly, you are a monster. Look at what my family has gone through, the pain I suffer every day, the emptiness I feel inside that I no longer have the same sister that I known my whole life. People really do think they’re invincible until something happens to them and it’s so idiotic. I am begging you please drive safe. I know I sound like a 50 year-old mother lecturing her children, not a 22 year-old college student, but I don’t care. If I can prevent even one person from having to go through what my family has to go through I will do it.


Now that I have gotten that off my chest, here is the update on Sherrin:


Sherrin recently was cursed with MRSA in her nose once again, which means that she wasn’t allowed to participate in therapy due to fear to spreading it to other hospital patients. It’s annoying that she wasn’t able to get her therapy because every day that she doesn’t get it, it’s another day that she doesn’t get better. It eventually cleared up after a fews and she was

Sherrin with MRSA

Sherrin with MRSA

finally able to get back to her daily routine.

Sherrin has been in excruciating pain for the past week or so and we have not known why. She screams every few minutes, sweats all throughout her body, now grinds her teeth, and tightens her arms so close to her chest that her fingernails are digging into her chest. My parents have felt so helpless not knowing what is the problem. She had no UTI, no fever, no injury on her body, nothing. My mom had a hunch (just as she always does, God, I love you, Mom) that it was her baclofen pump in her spine that was the problem. The doctors checked the pump a few days ago and said there was nothing technically wrong, but Sherrin kept screaming. My mom then thought that maybe there was disconnect in the pump to the catheter and Sherrin was not getting her medicine, causing withdrawal symptoms, making Sherrin scream with pain. This ended up being partially true; the pump was not disconnected, but instead the medicine was extremely low that caused the withdrawal symptoms making Sherrin ache with pain. It’s not completely dangerous going without her medicine. It’s like when you take Advil every day. You don’t necessarily need it to survive but it definitely helps. You can feel it in your body when you don’t take it and you can get really sick if you take too much (like when Sherrin was accidentally overdosed with baclofen about a month ago.. that was so scary). Now, the doctors have put in a monitor with the pump so that when it is low with medicine it beeps. Sherrin has been feeling much better now that that issue is taken care of and is finally able to get back to her regular therapy sessions.

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3 Responses to Stupidity and Sherrin’s Update

  1. John Baggott says:


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  2. Lisa Jarrett says:

    My sweet Kaci! You are doing a great job taking care of Sherrin and telling her story. I think about all of you frequently and miss y’all terribly! All those fun times on the soccer field and John, Bill, and Peter leaving to go get those peanuts, ha!
    I am praying for you and your family! Tell everyone hello and I love you!

  3. helen hager says:


    First there is nothing wrong sounding like a 50 year old mother! I often sound like that (really a 55 year old mother!).

    But you are right, it is stupid and insensitive, and unfortunately sometimes people only change after a tragedy. I lost a 29 year old nephew and his 3 year old son in an accident this summer. What I tell people is you don’t always get a second chance. Those people telling you that they drove drunk are lucky they get a second chance, but you never know when your luck will run out as both our families have learned the hard way.

    And yes, God Bless Careen! Mom’s do know best sometimes.

    I love your updates and think of you all often.

    Helen Hager

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