Sherrin’s Purgatory


Sherrin has been in the hospital for 14 months. Sherrin has not been home in 14 months. My mom has not been home in 10 months because she takes care of Sherrin in New Jersey. My dad hasn’t taken a day off in over a year. When I go to my house in Ashburn, no one is there. Sometimes my dad will stay the night when he is working from his office in Reston, Virginia, but that is only a few days a week every once in a while. I really only go to Ashburn to see some friends or to do some laundry, but that’s about it. What’s the point of going to an empty house with no food? My house is not a home at the moment.

Hospital life is exhausting to say the very least. After spending one day caring for Sherrin, my back aches, my feet hurt, I am stressed to the point of tears, and I am so tired. I don’t know how my parents do it; spending day after day caring for their daughter. It is so incredible and also so sad.

I have been wanting Sherrin to come home since around March. When I heard that we were getting kicked out of Kessler, I assumed that that would mean Sherrin would be coming home, I didn’t think it meant that she would have to go to yet another facility. It is a great thing that Sherrin gets so much care- she improves all of the time, but a hospital life is not a real life.

My parents have been wanting to keep Sherrin in the hospital so that she gets the care that she needs. Back home in Northern Virginia, brain injury specialists are rare. The facilities that Sherrin needs to get better are simply not there, in fact, there are only a handful of these types of facilities in the nation. This is why we stay in New Jersey, because that is where some of the best doctors and hospitals are located. However, we cannot stay there forever.

Sherrin will always be getting better, there is no cap on her improvement. We could keep her in the hospital for the rest of her life if we really wanted to in order to make sure that she has gotten every ounce of care possible, but we can’t do that to her. What would be the point in living, or even just trying to live? This is why I am advocating for her to come home sooner rather than later. Sherrin needs to be home, she needs to see her friends, and she needs to pick up the pieces that remain at home and adjust to her new self. She can’t do that in a hospital. Hospitals are her own personal purgatory.

What would need to happen in order for her to be approved to come home would be to train the family, meaning my dad, mom, and me. I am pretty good at taking care of Sherrin: I can change her diapers, give her showers, adjust her feeding tubes, and do minimal physical therapy exercises with her. My parents are even 100x better than me. But we need to go through training as a family so that we can become her actual therapists and not just helpers.

I also have this theory that Sherrin will improve wonderfully the moment that she gets home. She misses her old environment. I feel like being at home will jump start her improvement and then she will want to get better. I know her friends will come around more often since we will be in the area, which will give Sherrin even more motivation to get better.

I say that Sherrin will be home in 3-6 months. Stay tuned.

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2 Responses to Sherrin’s Purgatory

  1. I am praying specifically for this to come true. You are right, home would be Heaven to Sherrin.

  2. cat kennedy says:

    wow that is incredible to hear!!! ❤

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