Calling for Help and Adapting to Turco


**Please check out all of the new pictures new video on the Picture/Video Timeline page at the bottom as well as my dad’s update under Sherrin’s progress at the bottom written in bold.

Before I update on Sherrin’s health, I wanted to remind anyone reading this blog that I still have the WePay account up for Sherrin’s return home. I had a great amount of donations initially, but they have dwindled down these past few weeks. The rough estimate costs of Sherrin’s new wheelchair and wheelchair van will be roughly $30,000, only a small dent of Sherrin’s hospital bills that we have had to acquire this past year. I am taking the account down on August 1 so there are only 2 more months left to contribute. If you are feeling generous please help my amazing miracle of a sister come home hopefully sometime this year. The link is below.

Sherrin and I in elementary school :)

Sherrin and I in elementary school 🙂

Sherrin has been at Turco Rehab for about 2 weeks now. So far, we are still very happy with her progress there. She has become much more cognitively aware of her surroundings since she has been there. She looks me straight in the eye when I speak to her and can hold her head up on her own for nearly 2 hours!

My parents have moved out the hotel we have been staying in West Orange for about 8 months and moved to a new one closer to Turco. The commute from the old hotel to Turco was just too long and my mom wanted to be somewhere where she can take naps while Sherrin is in therapy. My parents are also planning on renting a small apartment on a month-to-month basis in New Jersey starting next month. They want to be as close to Sherrin as possible but want it at a cheaper price. I have been considering New Jersey my new home for almost a year now but actually having a place to call our own there makes things seem more permanent than before. It’ll be fine but I am going to miss the free breakfasts every morning

I am also wildly thankful to the Buffalo Wing Factory in Ashburn, Virginia for hosting a benefit fundraiser on May 18! There was an amazing turn out and the proceeds have definitely made a dent in our journey to bring Sherrin home. Thank you B-Wing!

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One Response to Calling for Help and Adapting to Turco

  1. lindalml says:

    I’m so sorry for your sister and the additional problems you are all facing. I just want to encourage you all to begin voicing positive affirmations. Begin to declare that your sister IS going to make progress each day. That she will begin to feel better mentally and physically each and every day. That all family members will feel stronger each day and better able to handle the circumstances brought about because of Sherrin’s accident. That you KNOW all financial needs will be met in a timely manner. Please, begin to claim and declare everything positive for her and for your extended family. Please DO NOT let negative words leave your mouth. As soon as you do, they will begin to manifest. The devil rejoices every time a negative thought is put into words. Our Heavenly Father rejoices when we think positive thoughts, when we say positive things. When we claim and declare His promises to us. Lift your sister up in prayer, thanking God in advance for what you KNOW He is going to do for her. I don’t think you mentioned God or Faith in all of your postings. You will be amazed what can happen when you add God to the equation. I pray for God’s blessings on Sherrin, you, and your extended family.

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