Sherrin’s arrival at Turco Rehab!

As of yesterday May 20, 2013, Sherrin left Kessler and became an inpatient at Jerry and Dolores Turco Rehab Center (JDT or Turco for short) in Lincoln Park, NJ, about 12 miles from Kessler. It was a little sad to leave Kessler since Sherrin has been there for almost 8 months. The nurses and rehab aids became a bit like our extended family and I often called Kessler to be my home away from home. But Sherrin needed more help that Kessler could not provide, which was why we turned to Turco. So far, it has been nothing but a positive decision.

Sherrin receives more therapy at Turco than at Kessler. The therapists make sure that she gets every bit of therapy that she deserves. For example, Sherrin was 30 minutes late to therapy this morning and instead of ending the session at 11:30, the therapists worked overtime with Sherrin until 12:00 so that she had her dosage of physical therapy.

My mom says that Sherrin was extremely sore and tired at the end of today. The therapists stood Sherrin upright almost immediately this morning and stretched her ways in which she has not been stretched before. My mom said that even her swallowing had improved since yesterday. It’s really amazing! Sherrin complained that her back and arms were very weak, this is because she hasn’t used many of these muscles for months. However, my mom asked Sherrin if she was okay and Sherrin gave a huge smile. Sherrin knows that she’s getting better already.

The therapists also want Sherrin to participate with the other patients at Turco. Sherrin is by far the youngest patient there (it’s mostly 70-80 year olds) but the therapists believe that if she participates in group activities such as Bingo Night, Scrabble, and cooking classes then it will build up her confidence a bit. I like that Sherrin will be doing this but I can just imagine her complaining about hanging out with old people all of the time. The thought makes me laugh 🙂

I am so excited for this next chapter in Sherrin’s journey. The doctors and therapists at Turco are so eager to help her and they honestly believe that they bring back to as normal as possible. They’ve mentioned potential improvements such as her walking again and being able to use her hands normally. When I heard this, tears were brought to my eyes. I have gone so long with watching my sister suffer and fighting to get her body back that sometimes I truly lose hope. Sometimes I forget that maybe we won’t be in this hellhole forever. The thought of being able to watch my sister walk again gives me chills. I’m just praying to god that maybe Turco will save my sister.

Keep the thoughts and prayers coming! Sherrin still needs every single bit of them.


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One Response to Sherrin’s arrival at Turco Rehab!

  1. This is so encouraging! Keep it up, Sherrin! I suggest a local church might have a youth group willing to do weekly visits. Call around to them all! Young people visiting her would help boost her morale living among old people! (I used to be an Activities Director in Long Term Care…)

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