Update May 9, 2013

I apologize for being behind on the updates. So here is where Sherrin stands now:

Sherrin was supposed to move to the new facility in New Jersey on April 30. However, Sherrin had two seizures just before the move. Since Kessler is more of a rehab medical hospital (aka they are allowed to manipulate medicine) than the new facility, doctors wanted to keep Sherrin at Kessler until they could figure out what was causing the seizures. Since then, Sherrin has had several more seizures, meaning that she has been officially diagnosed with epilepsy. This is common for TBI victims, but still scary nonetheless  The move to the new facility has been delayed to later in May until the doctors fully understand why the seizures keep happening. One opinion is that simply her brain medicine is causing them, but it is also likely that the more her brain heals and the more her neurons begin to reconnect, the more likely shock can occur which triggers the seizures.

I have not been present for the seizures since I have been away at school, but my parents have. They are scary since they go on for about 4 minutes and consist of uncontrollable shaking and a weird humming sound. Sherrin recovers from them and often goes into a deep sleep to regain the energy she had lost. However, the worst part about them is that they rewind her progress. One day she will be able to move her hands a bit further than normal, and Sherrin is overwhelmingly excited because she knows she is getting better, but then a seizure will happen and almost completely erase her recent progress, putting her 10 steps back. You can see it in her face that she knows that she cannot do the new task anymore and it’s so heartbreaking.

Sherrin has also been seeing an acupuncturist to help with the toning in her muscles. Sherrin was very much interested in acupuncture before the accident happened so she really seems to like it. It helps slightly, but the more the acupuncture she gets the better she will be.

Sherrin's head prepping for acupuncture.

Sherrin’s head prepping for acupuncture.

Sherrin most recently paid a visit to Dr. Jonathan Fellus, an extremely successful neurologist. He is one of the top 6 brain injury doctors in America, and is luckily in the Northern New Jersey area. He believes that he can help Sherrin, and wants to help her. My mom said that when he was examining Sherrin, she felt hope again, something that my mom sometimes forgets. He understands what happened to her and recognizes what her situation is now. When Sherrin moves to the new facility later this month, Dr. Fellus will be around more. I am so excited for something like this to happen to us.

We also ask for visitors to keep coming! I must make one thing clear: Sherrin has amnesia. She forgets simple things very easily. Sometimes she will ask me who I am or if we went to the mall the day before. She forgets exactly who visits her, but she does not forget the feeling she had when she has visitors. When friends or family visit her she becomes happy, and then when they leave, she forgets who was there or what she did but she does remember that she was happy and she wants to know how she can become happy again. It’s very interesting how the brain works.

May 2013 Look how cute Sherrin is sitting on her own!

May 2013
Look how cute Sherrin is sitting on her own!

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One Response to Update May 9, 2013

  1. Have hope. My brother Bill, who suffered a severe TBI in 1959, was in a coma for six weeks,
    became functional again, has epilepsy, but it has been under control with Phenobarbital for years. He is now 70, has short term memory loss, but enjoys life and is quite the history buff. Ask Sherrin’s Aunt Kathy about my brother Bill!

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