Visitors and Sherrin’s upcoming birthday!

So in exactly one week Sherrin will be turning 23!

After her birthday, then it will be all four of us (me, my mom, my dad, and now Sherrin) celebrating birthdays in the hospital this past year. It’s not ideal, but the fact that we almost lost Sherrin at the age of 22 makes me so much happier to celebrate her birthday. I will be venturing up to New Jersey on Sunday to be with her on her birthday on Monday. I am so excited to spoil her with birthday presents 🙂

Sherrin will also be having our hilarious and upbeat cousin, Anthony, flying in from California for 3 days this week! My mom told Sherrin that Anthony was coming, and she didn’t initially say much, just her standard response of, “Oh, wow!” But then five hours later, Sherrin said, “I really want to see Anthony.” This is awesome because that means that Sherrin’s memory is working really well- better than we thought. We have also been getting tons of visits from our other family members, but especially our cousin, Elizabeth. Elizabeth lives in Los Angeles and has been able to visit Sherrin three times so far, which we are so grateful for. It’s hard having family on the other side of the country so we are so appreciative to see them so often, and I know Sherrin absolutely loves it. It’s also really great for my mom who is normally alone in New Jersey since I am away at school and my dad still works in Virginia. She’s an extremely independent woman, something that I have always admired of her, but it’s nice for her to have a bit of a change in scenery with new visitors. I’m sure if she read this right now she would get mad at me and tell me how she doesn’t need visitors because she is “self entertaining,” but I know it makes her day to see Sherrin hang out with someone besides her

I have said it before and I will say it again, if you are reading this and want to visit Sherrin… PLEASE DO. It helps her so much when she talks to different people. It stimulates her mind, which seriously helps in her therapy.

As for her health, Sherrin is still acting very spacey. Some days she is on point and knows exactly what is going on, but then others are very confusing for her. Since her seizure, my parents are concerned that her eyesight is a bit shakey. When she watches television or looks at her laptop, she squints and says that she doesn’t want to watch anything. My mom thinks that it’s because she can’t see it and gets frustrated and sad. Her tests do not indicate anything major happening with her eyesight but this is something that we have to keep an eye on.

She is still begging to come home. It’s every other sentence that she says. Whenever I’m on the phone or Skyping her, she will say things such as, “When can I leave?” “I’m coming to the library with you,” or, “I need to go home now.” It’s so heartbreaking to keep telling her why she can’t go home right now. It’s like telling a kid that Santa isn’t real. She will just look at you and you can see the sadness in her eyes. I almost want to take her home for one day just so that she can see our home, but then I’m scared it will be too much of a tease for her. I can’t even give her an estimate of when she will go home, no one knows when that will happen. I just want it to happen soon.

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One Response to Visitors and Sherrin’s upcoming birthday!

  1. We are so proud of Sherin’s continued fight to recover from her accident AND the diligence of her Mom and Dad ( Careen and John) and sister Kaci…for all the love and devotion and dedication!!
    We send our warmest wishes and love to SHERRIN and all who will help Sherrin’s celebration of her 23rd birthday today!! Our Hugs, Love and Prayers, Grandma and Phil (My Steady)

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