It is not always uphill

This past Friday morning I woke up to some unfortunate news. Sherrin had had her first seizure at approximately 5 am March 22, 2013. It was unexpected but seizures are common for brain injury recovery. My dad drove straight to New Jersey as soon as he got the news at 5 am and dealt with the doctors and nurses immediately. My mom slept on the floor of the ER for Friday and Saturday night because she did not want to leave Sherrin. She is genuinely the greatest mother on Earth. I love you so much mom. I get choked up when I think of how much I love my amazing parents.

Sherrin was in the ER up until this morning before returning back to Kessler. No serious damage was done, thankfully. Please read the updated page “Sherrin’s Progress” for details that my dad provided towards the end of the page. She’s doing okay! Just another setback.

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3 Responses to It is not always uphill

  1. Will keep you ALL in my prayers. My brother Bill also began to have seizures following his recovery from TBI. He has taken anti-seizure meds for over 50 years now. Unfortunately, he lived independently for a few years and very often forgot to take his meds which caused many seizures and more brain damage. I am sure that Sherrin has many people watching over THIS!

  2. Linda says:

    Please keep us posted on Sherrin. I am praying for you and your family. Can you post an address for Sherrin to receive a card? Thanks

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