Sherrin’s health updated 2/24

First off, thank you so so SO MUCH to everyone that has visited Sherrin this past week. Sherrin’s mind has been stimulated immensely since seeing her friends and family and she had one of her best weeks ever. So from the bottom of my heart, thank you.

Sherrin's long-time friend, Ari and her boyfriend, visiting Sherrin on February 17, 2013.

Sherrin’s long-time friend, Ari and her boyfriend, visiting Sherrin on February 17, 2013.

Sherrin giving me kisses this past weekend.

Sherrin giving me kisses this past weekend.

So here is Sherrin’s health:

After spending this past weekend with her, I noticed awesome improvements. It’s amazing to see how much she gets better every single time I’m able to visit her. A few weeks ago, the doctors administered a headset for Sherrin. Sometimes she talks extremely quiet and it’s really hard to understand what she’s trying to tell us. So this headset allows Sherrin to talk into a microphone and her voice is then amplified through a small speaker (please check out the Picture/Video Timeline page, I added a new picture and new video of Sherrin with the headset). It works wonderfully and it’s cool to see Sherrin listening to her own voice.

Her hands and fingers are moving so much more now. She’s able to point both of her index fingers on command and raise her hands up to give me a high five. When her fingers get stronger, she will then be able to use my mom’s iPad- which will save her from so much boredom.

As for her mind, she’s still a bit spacey. I compare her state of mind to someone that is really really really drunk: they are there mentally and are aware of their immediate surroundings, but they forget things easily and cannot fully process everything that is going on around them. For example, the other day Sherrin asked who my mom was, which is bizarre since my mom is literally with her every single day. But then Sherrin will mention people that she was friends with 10 years ago. It will take a few more months until her mind slows down and she won’t be as confused as she is now.

It also gets very upsetting when Sherrin constantly looks at you and says, “Help me,” or, “I want to go home.” The first time she asked me to help her I choked up. She looks so tiny and pitiful, it’s really hard to not want to cry right then and there. What my family and I have to do is keep up the pep talks and tell her that she needs to get stronger before she can go home. She always replies with, “Oh. Okay,” and acts like nothing happened. She’s so cute.

Before Sherrin can come home, she must accomplish these things:

1. Walk on her own

2. Feed herself

3. Use the restroom with minimal assistance.

I expect that these goals will be completed within the next year. She’s a strong lady.

Please continue to visit Sherrin. She loves it so much- her face lights up whenever someone walks into the room.

Keep on keeping Sherrin ❤

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