Update on Sherrin’s progress

This morning, Sherrin took her first steps! She was heavily assisted by her three of her physical therapists (two held her upper body and one moved her legs) but this was the closest Sherrin has come to walking since the accident. So proud of you sissy! I love you!

I was also planning on traveling to New Jersey to see my mom and Sherrin this weekend but my plans were changed due to the snow blizzard. I will hopefully be able to go up there in the next 2 weeks!

How my mom announced the news about Sherrin!

How my mom announced the news about Sherrin!

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2 Responses to Update on Sherrin’s progress

  1. Anthony Gourley says:

    Keep up the good work kid.. I love and miss you and kaci and I will see you both hopefully in April or May. I expect to go for a walk with my cousin, so you better be ready.. First step, congrats … See you soon

  2. Christopher L Baggott says:

    Great update! Hard to imagine that the accident was almost a year ago. Have to believe that she would have never reached the level of progress without the love, care compassion and relentless pursuit of medical care. There is no question that your father was the key figure in making certain that the medical professionals (I use this term loosely) do what they are suppose to do. Just a matter of time before Sherrin is home.


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